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Original Healthy Treats
Original Healthy Treats
O'Boys! The Woof Gang

O' Boys!
These tantalizing rings will have
your best buddy begging for more!
When you pull these crowd pleasers out,
your wide-eyed pooch will be thinking
one thing...O' Boy!

The Woof Gang
What do you get when you cross a
Scottie, a Poodle, a Schnauzer and
a Rescue Mutt? The Woof Gang!
This ferocious foursome is on a mission
to rid your pal of pesty varmits.
Made with garlic and brewer's yeast,
they pack a powerful punch!

Spots Baga Bones
See Spots go...down the hatch! Great
for small dogs and training. And yes,
they have been known to teach even
the oldest dogs new tricks.
Baga Bones
Nothin' says lovin' like homemade treats!
These goodies cure everything from
the afternoon munchies to cravings
for a midnight snack.


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