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In a world where capitalism reigns supreme over quality and ethical practices, the dog food industry is no exception. One would hope that the advertisements touting lamb, chicken, whole grains, and other wholesome ingredients really supply our beloved animals with the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy. But in reality, the brands that boast higher quality foods are owned by the same companies that make the lower grade foods.

In the 1930s, big cereal corporations sought a profitable way to do something with their wheat, corn, and soybeans that failed USDA inspection because of mold, rancidity or other contaminants. The meat industry faced a similar problem with meats that had spoiled or came from diseased livestock. In other words, it wasn't fit for human consumption. Thus, commercial pet food was born.

The majority of dog owners are not aware that the FDA allows dog food companies to use ingredients in their products that are not advertised in those fluffy commercials. These items have limited nutritional value and can be very harmful to your pets.

Chemical Preservatives:
Many dog foods and treats are preserved with chemicals to sustain their shelf life despite increased scrutiny as potential causes of health problems. Ethoxyquin, one of its forms is used to prevent breakdown of rubber, is banned in Europe and blamed by many breeders for skin ailments, reproductive problems and nerve disorders. BHA and BHT are suspected carcinogens. Propyl Gallate is linked to liver damage. Sodium Carbozymethyl-Cellulose is an edible plastic filler. Propylene Glycol is a chemical with similar properties to antifreeze. Unfortunately, the list goes on.

Animal by-products are any part of the animal that is not fit for human consumption. These can include chicken heads, feathers, chicken feet, viscera, rendered (boiled down in a large vat) animal carcasses, including diseased livestock, euthanized pets from animal shelters, condemned material from slaughterhouses and road kill. It is unfathomable for many dog and cat owners to imagine that the food they buy at the local grocery store most likely contains cooked and converted animals, including some dogs and cats. Not only is this cannibalistic and unnatural, but these euthanized animals have been given deadly chemicals to take their lives. Why would we feed our pets the remains of other pets killed by deadly chemicals?

At Bones Bakery we take pride in using the same healthy, all natural ingredients in our dog treats that we use in our own meals. Check out our Healthy Treats page and help your dog live a healthier life.


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